Ilia Kolochenko

Founder & CEO at ImmuniWeb
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Ilia is a Swiss application security expert and entrepreneur. Starting his career as a penetration tester, and after serving in the Swiss army, he founded his first company High-Tech Bridge in 2008. The penetration testing boutique was later named a leading service provider in the European market by Frost & Sullivan in 2012. To improve traditional penetration testing, Ilia invented Multilayer Application Security Testing Technology that is now embodied in the ImmuniWeb offering. In 2015, High-Tech Bridge started its transformation into a global application security company, which was successfully completed in 2019 under the consolidated ImmuniWeb brand.

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  • The new feature is an invaluable enhancement of a holistic cyber resilience and proactive defense amid an unprecedented complexity of the modern threat landscape.

    25 May 2020
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