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Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer at Zelman & Associates. She is a highly respected thought leader for housing and housing related industries, and has been guiding investors and corporate executives toward business success for roughly 30 years. In 2007, Ivy co-founded Zelman & Associates which is the leading housing research firm nationwide, serving institutional and private equity investors, and corporate executives from the homebuilding, building products, real estate, mortgage finance and rental sectors, and more. Her firm provides unequalled in-depth analyses across all aspects of the housing spectrum. Ivy’s methodology, which puts Zelman & Associates in its own league, remains strongly rooted in the ability to perform thematic research overlaid with proprietary surveys to produce unparalleled, differentiated, value-added research.

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  • Well, first, you have to keep in mind that a lot of the momentum we're seeing incrementally is coming from non-primary buyers. And that is a basket of investors that are private investors looking for diversity from the stock market that plan on buying homes and renting them out, people that are trying to create cash flow income. You also have cash flowing assets. You also have second homebuyers. And you also have institutional capital, fix and flip investors, and what we call liquidity investors like the iBuyers. And they're competing right alongside the primary buyer, and in most cases, upfront are using cash.

    5 December 2022