Jacob Villa

Co-Founder and Marketing Director at School Authority
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Jacob Villa is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of School Authority, a website dedicated to matching students with their ideal college or university in the United States based on factors such as career aspirations, lifestyle choices, and other personal preferences.

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  • Many of the employees who will turn to freelancing would naturally be the more skilled and experienced ones because they would have more to sell. As a result, companies will experience a brain drain on their top talent. They would then have to choose between internally growing new talent from scratch or finding a way to leverage the growing gig economy. They would also have to pay their full-time employees more in order to stay competitive. As a business owner, I find embracing the gig economy more appealing. You can grow newbies to become experts after some time but there is no way you can prevent them from shifting into freelance work once they have accumulated enough skills to have an edge in the market. Embracing the gig economy means farming out some of your workload to freelancers while keeping a small core of full-time employees for essential positions.

    12 August 2021
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