Jacobo Toll-Messia

CEO at nahmii AS
On the record

A recognised world-leader in the blockchain and telecommunications space, Jacobo is nahmii’s CEO and founder. After completing his MSc in software engineering in Spain and Britain, Jacobo held global project roles focused on strategic technology consulting, product development and process improvement for a number of different companies in the UK and Norway including IBM, Intesa, Nortel Networks and Chevron. Jacobo has extensive experience with large software implementations across diverse industries, including investment banking, oil/gas and content delivery.

Jacobo founded nahmii AS in 2007 and has worked full time as CEO since 2013. In recognition of his achievements with nahmii, Jacobo has been invited to speak at many prestigious conferences including the Global Editors Network summit in Lisbon and the 2018 World Internet Conference in Wuhzen.

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  • “NiiFi is the vanguard use case for Nahmii 2.0. Using Nahmii’s groundbreaking technology, NiiFi can now build the first decentralized exchange aimed at broad, mainstream adoption."