Jaime Lee Mann

Author of Bestselling Fantasy series, "Legend of Rhyme" at Blue Moon Publishers
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Bestselling author Jaime Lee Mann has read stories from her Legend of Rhyme series to thousands of children during the last few years. Based on bedtime stories she told her children, this magical fantasy series has caught the attention of readers young and old, including award-winning author Paulette Bourgeois who calls it a "wondrous world populated with fairies and ogres, good witches and bad, and delightful protagonists.”
Jaime's series is now part of the Squiggle Park educational game and is drawing attention of film producers. JL (as her family calls her) lives in a pretty house in Prince Edward Island with her husband and two daughters. She writes every day and plans to do so for as long as people love to read her words.

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  • Blue Moon Publishers
    Author of Bestselling Fantasy series, "Legend of Rhyme"