Jaimie Krems

social psychologist at Oklahoma State University
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Dr. Krems is a social psychologist. Her research draws on theoretical perspectives---from evolutionary biology, animal behavior, and behavioral ecology---to explore human social cognition, emotions, and behavior. Broadly, her work investigates how people use cues to strategically navigate their social worlds and meet their social goals. More specifically, her work primarily focuses on (a) female sociality and (b) the use of interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks to challenge our understanding of 'classic' topics in social psychology (e.g., stereotyping and prejudice). Much of her work on sociality (e.g., friendship, competition) is driven by thinking first about women's sociality. Historically, social science research often assumed men's cognition and behavior to be the default. Thinking systematically about women and some of the sex-typical challenges they have recurrently faced (e.g., pregnancy, aggressing while avoiding retaliation) generates novel research directions and facilitates the discovery of phenomena that both sexes engage in (e.g., modes of friendship maintenance, status competition).

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