Jake Soberal

CEO and co-founder at Bitwise Industries
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Jake is the CEO and Co-founder at Bitwise Industries. Prior to co-founding Bitwise, Jake practiced intellectual property law at Walter & Wilhelm Law Group in Fresno. In 2012, over drinks and aha moments with his client, Irma Olguin, Jr., they excitedly discussed the possibility of a company that could nurture and network the critical components of Fresno’s tech industry and become a driving force for the local economy. The idea of Bitwise was born.

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  • We want to get the world out of your way so that you can be the best version of whoever you are. The expression of Bitwise is not a rinse, wash, repeat,” Soberal says. “The Black community in west Oakland is very different in terms of its cultural values, its needs, its wants than the Latinx community on the west side of Fresno county doing field labor. Both deeply important, but how you reach them, how you support and serve them, very different.

    13 August 2021
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