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James Arlen is the Chief Information Security Officer at Aiven. In both consultant and staff member roles, James led business and technical teams of professionals in short-term projects as well as multi-year organizational change initiatives. He has held key contributor roles as CISO of a publicly traded financial institution and Information Security Coordinator at a large-scale power utility. James has been involved in information security policy, process, procedure, and architecture improvements for internationally known manufacturing and financial organizations.

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  • One of the most interesting aspects of the Accenture story - and also the easiest to solve for small-to-midsized organisations - is the concern around the insider threat. In my experience, the simple fact is that "the harder you squeeze your employees, the more your organisation leaks". We have no idea what actually transpired at Accenture, but it is reasonable to think of a scenario where a micro-managing boss leaned too hard on an employee and the employee just didn't do as good a job as they could have.

    18 August 2021
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