James Freeze

Chief Marketing Officer at Interactions, LLC
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James Freeze is the Chief Marketing Officer at Interactions, a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), overseeing all aspects of marketing, sales and business development. With expertise in customer experience and the tech that makes it better, James is helping brands connect with their customers in a meaningful way. He is also the host of The ConversAItion Podcast exploring the impact of AI on our daily lives. Prior to joining Interactions, James served as CMO at enterprise technology companies including Aspect Software and Crossbeam Systems, demonstrating success at Fortune 1000 and small companies alike.

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  • You wouldn’t trust people who presented themselves differently every time you spoke with them, and the same goes for businesses. Brand identity must be consistent across every customer interaction, from social media to email marketing. This will build trust, credibility and familiarity with customers and foster greater brand loyalty

    10 November 2021
  • The customer journey has evolved immensely over the last year, and the holiday season will only amplify this shift. Additionally, consumer data from last season won’t necessarily reflect behaviors today. Businesses need to understand their customer’s preferred channels of communication before demand skyrockets to stay competitive and relevant amid yet another year of significant change.

    10 November 2021
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