James Heller

CEO and Co-Founder at Wrapify
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James is an entrepreneur since his teenage years, Wrapify CEO and founder James Heller started a digital marketing and IT consulting company that set the foundation for him to become a marketing leader in tech for Fortune 50 companies.

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  • 2020 became the year of identifying new opportunities for innovation and pushing boundaries. No other ad tech company or platform encompasses all of the features that turn a fleet’s moving OOH ad placement into digital and physical retargeting with full attribution and measurement. We are creating a brand-new category of out-of-home, enabling bots to serve high-recall, street-level media that can be tracked and attributed.

    3 May 2021
  • The key to selling ads to brands is proof it works. Measuring and attributing OOH exposure should be as easy as measuring display or search. Our platform enables brands and agencies to measure campaigns by setting goals for online conversions, driving foot-traffic or in-app activity. With our newest Dashboard updates to the platform, customizing your brand’s ROI for OOH is now possible.

    3 May 2021
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