James Prior

Head of Global Communications at SiFive
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James is a creative and thought-provoking communications and product management executive with a track record of innovation, disruption, and growth. He is the Head of Global Communications for SiFive, an ideas-to-silicon semiconductor company differentiated with new tools, methodologies, and technology.

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  • SiFive IP has been very successful in micro-controllers for embedded. So we have a lot of wins there across the globe because that technology is very accessible, and doesn't need any trade restriction requirement. Companies like Synaptics or brand-new startups, they mix RISC-V IPs into existing designs. Most opportunities now is not having a 100% RISC-V chip, but a mix of ASICs or Arm or other cores with RISC-V to offer the best performance for watts and offer a consolidation and simplification for all those controllers cores.

    22 April 2021
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    22 April 2021
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