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  • James Wo, CEO/founder of DFG Group, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, blamed Ether's consistently positive correlation with Bitcoin behind its latest price corrections, noting that a spot market selloff in the BTC market, led by the ongoing Omicron FUD, has had exchanges liquidate $2 billion worth of traders' margined positions, hurting ETH in tandem.

    But the analyst, too, anticipated a price rebound for ETH based on its successful adoption across the emerging nonfungible token (NFT), decentralized finance (DeFi) and metaverse space.

    "The levels of open interest levels seen up to this correction for both BTC and ETH were an important indicator that a bearish scenario was highly probable," Wo explained, adding:
    "We still believe that fundamentals are strong and long-term valuations are still very low based on the technological advancements and contributions we are witnessing from this industry."


    23 December 2021
  • “The current macro de-risking attitude from traditional finance investors has also affected the broader crypto market, meaning that the most common names will see an obvious decrease in pricing,” James Wo, founder of crypto investment fund Digital Finance Group, said in a Telegram message.


    23 December 2021
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