Jamie L. Smith, CPA, CA, MPAcc

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Amplify Advisors
On the record

Jamie L. Smith, CPA, CA, MPAcc is a Co-Founder of Amplify Advisors, which focuses on financial strategy for growing business.

Jamie always knew she wanted it all; a husband, kids, and an important job. Her biggest lesson to date thinks you can have it all and do it all yourself. So she’s surrounded herself with an epic team & family & friends to keep the dream alive.

Amplify provides Finance Leader services, including Fractional CFO, Fractional Controller and Accounting Services.
Amplify has Recruiting services, including placing temporary and permanent CPAs.
AmplifyTech is an Oracle NetSuite Solutions provider and licenses and implements the #1 Cloud ERP.
We also provide consulting to accounting and finance departments. We are a CPA firm.

Jamie’s role is Chief Experience Officer. She leads the Client Experience and reinforces the values and purpose of Amplify. She runs communications, marketing, brand, Employee Experience, the CFO team, Finance Leader services and all areas of experience. Some people feel sad for Amplify having a CPA in charge of such matters. If they see the poem Jamie had published as a preteen and discover her minor in marketing, they realize the actual deviation may have been the years counting beans.

I am a wife, a mother of two boys & a dog. I’m a lover of reading, craft beverages & wine & entertaining. I’m an okay writer & a try-not-so-hard golfer but I passionately do both.

Amplify’s purpose is the same as mine:

Enhancing Communities
Amplifying Opportunities
Cultivating Connections

As a mom, this means I want boys that eventually contribute to society. As a business owner, I want clients, a team and a chance to do the same.

I’m humbled to help lead a team that gets to do this everyday.

We prioritize Client Experience. We live our values

We focus on the people, relationships, growth, strategy and culture of our clients. Meanwhile, we lead and provide financial strategy including the people, process, accounting and technology that gets it done.

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