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meQuilibrium Co-Founder and CEO Janesse Bruce is a serial entrepreneur who brings a proven track record of success to the table. Jan's natural agility in recognizing and addressing important, overlooked market opportunities allows her to reposition businesses and leverage new technologies that ushers in dynamic change. Jan distinguished herself early for her ability to drive cultural, digital, and M&A transformations that have helped companies achieve increased revenue, better operational efficiency, and internal cultures that set an example for authenticity and growth. In addition to being regarded as a future-focused, empathetic, and trusted voice in the boardroom, she is also an impassioned advocate for helping people make measurable improvements in their lives. Well-versed in consumer wellness and health trends, Jan has created cutting-edge, transformative products that satisfy demands in fitness, holistic health, alternative medicine, personal growth, and balanced living.

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  • The biggest challenge facing employers in 2022 is to be able to predict and prevent employee mental health problems early—before they have a negative impact—and create a culture of [healthy] mental wellbeing.

    20 December 2021