Jane Nowak

Senior Financial Advisor at Wealth and Pension Services Group
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  • We're in an increasing–interest-rate environment, so that calls for active management. If you're in [passive] bond ETFs, you might want to consider moving to an actively managed strategy.

  • Unlike most financial planners, I believe that for most Americans the term retirement should be -um, er, retired. We need to help with our clients by talking about financial planning options that support a continuing 'older age' work life that is punctuated by 'planned for' sabbaticals, leaves and vacations.

    *Most Americans think they'll never be able to retire
    *Disincentivizing to think about how to actually save millions of dollars to support a 20-30 year 'retirement' -so they give up or never start to save
    *Better overall health = (much) longer retirements = possibility of running out of money near end of life
    *Reduced Social Security benefits - Will there be any Social Security for our current workers?
    *Rising faster than the overall rate of inflation, great health care costs money
    *Student debt -the elephant in the room

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