Jared Weitz

Chief Executive Officer at United Capital Source
On the record

Jared Weitz has been in the financial services industry for more than 10 years. Due to his extensive work experience and deep network of close relationships, he handles a multitude of different finance options for all his clients and contacts.

Over the years, he has held positions in some of the largest business financing companies in the U.S. Some of his roles have been: Underwriter, Director of Business Development, Managing Partner and currently, CEO of United Capital Source Inc.

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  • I’ve heard far too many managers and business owners tackling tasks that can easily be offloaded. Their reasoning is it’s easier to just do it themselves. In the beginning, this may feel like the case, but as your business grows, you must learn how to delegate with trust in order to keep your productivity high and channeled on higher-level needs.

    1 May 2020