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Founder | Managing Director at RedZed Group and 1 other company
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Jason Burr is a strategic innovator, futurist, and serial entrepreneur. Serving organizations in the areas of innovation design, global scale business strategy, product and service creation, revenue monetization, and executive level advisory -- including: OpenMenu, Electronic Alchemy (NASA), Lynk Global, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (APL), US Special Operations Command Science & Technology (SOCOM S&T), Northeastern University IoT Open Innovation Lab, Founder Institute, and XVidia.

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  • “Once the breach takes place, it’s too late anyway, the information is often already gone. What is more likely to change is the way companies manage expectations of the public. Rather than expect to know exactly what was taken and who it affects at the moment of breach disclosure, people might have to wait a bit longer to see whether their data was affected--the facts of the breach won’t change, but the investigative process will be on display far longer than it has in the past companies will then have to ensure that their forensics teams and other professionals in place to respond to incidents are ready for this new onslaught of attention."

    -Jason Burr, founder and chairman of Security of Things, a cyber-security education and training organization (WSJ Article: Equifax Breach Shows the Danger of Decentralized Security Powers By Kate Fazzini)

    13 November 2019
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    13 November 2019