Jason Carolan

Chief Innovation Officer at Flexential
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Jason drives next generation network-enabled technologies at Flexential. He and his cross-functional team translates market trends into strategic initiatives that inform the investment decisions across the company’s development, builds early stage products, and go to market strategies. Jason joined the company in 2011 and has held various technology and business leadership roles in product, operations and technical management, including CTO. Jason is a recognized thought leader and industry expert in distributed computing, network systems and cloud computing.

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  • In 2021, 5G will open more opportunities for businesses to use the IoT. The limitations of 4G have caused a lag in large IoT industrial systems. With 5G, the IoT will rise to its full potential, allowing developers to unite separate devices and sensors into one system. IoT systems will be able to cover entire cities, making smart cities in 2021 even more of a reality.

    22 July 2021
  • Make sure a VPN is an easy pre-installed option for employees—no matter where they connect from. Enable MFA. Disable split-tunnel upgrade capacity and ensure all your business and employee laptop traffic is encrypted. This approach may cost a bit more, but it’s the right thing to do to reduce risks.

    22 July 2021
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