Jason Crowe

VP, Partnerships & Business Development at Precision Nutrition and 1 other company
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Jason is a Senior Leader with a deep understanding of business development, partnerships and strategy primarily within the health and wellness industry. His career has been focused on leading teams that have consistently changed behavior with consumers, patients, and athletes. Jason is an intrinsically motivated high-energy idea generator that has continuously demonstrated a strong bias for action in environments with multiple stakeholders and layers of complexity.

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  • The demand to coach clients to better health and fitness—whether they’re starting a new coaching business or growing an existing one, has never been greater. Precision Nutrition is proud to partner with ACE to make our top rated L1 Nutrition Certification more accessible to those looking for added confidence and credibility as a coach. Pairing Precision Nutrition's nutrition and behavior change education products with ACE’s industry-leading exercise and health coaching certifications allows us to equip a new wave of graduates with the tools needed to meet a wider range of client needs and ultimately, help those clients meet their goals.

    24 June 2021
  • Employee burnout and performance dissolution are top concerns for many organizations, particularly as many of us are working remotely. Based on the latest nutrition science, we know poor dietary habits can negatively affect cognitive functioning and impair memory performance. By combining 15 years of remote coaching experience, a peer reviewed system of delivering material health improvements, and a global network of Precision Nutrition certified Master Coaches, we are able to work with people around the world to make significant and lasting changes to employee engagement, productivity and of course, health.

    24 June 2021
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