Jason Dombkowski

Director of Law Enforcement relations at Utility, Inc.
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Jason Dombkowski is the Director of Law Enforcement Relations at Utility, Inc. Under Jason’s leadership, the WLPD was the first law enforcement agency to deploy police body-worn cameras in Indiana beginning in 2012. He is a U.S. Dept. of Justice Body-Worn Camera Subject Matter Expert. He is a past President of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police. Representing the IACP, he worked with state legislators to enact law establishing state standards for retention, redaction and public release of law enforcement body-worn camera and in-car camera video.

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  • In today’s world, the public that we serve really wants accountability and transparency. And even though we had in-car cameras which allowed some of that to be recorded, we can enhance that by having body cameras and we can record every incident that happens between the public and our police officers.

    5 October 2021
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    5 October 2021
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