Jason Walker

Co-Founder at Thrive HR Consulting
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Jason Walker is co-Founder at Thrive HR Consulting, an Austin, TX and Denver-CO, based HR advisory firm that seeks to augment HR needs for organizations, providing fractional HR services for leading, managing, or providing guidance in all facets of HR. Jason is a senior Human Resources Leader with over fifteen years of experience running all phases of a successful human resources operation. His specialties include selecting and retaining top talent, building high-performance teams, and consistently meeting and exceeding external customer’s expectations. Jason has exceptional interpersonal ability to communicate powerfully to all levels of the organization and position and feature HR as an integral part of a successful and profitable company. He also has experience in re-engineering workforces, planning for growth, and contraction throughout the last couple of decades, the dot com bust, the second economic downturn the 2008 Great Recession and is currently assisting companies with Covid-19 efforts.

Jason’s speaking topics and other areas of expertise include Talent acquisition, Mergers and acquisitions, HR data and analytics, C- level coaching, Board level work, Reengineering, Budget management, HRIS. Jason is also Six Sigma trained.