Jay Martha

Global Head of Housing at Nuveen
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Jay Martha is the Global Head of Housing for Nuveen Real Estate. He is responsible for leading a dedicated team of housing sector-specialist transaction, asset management and portfolio management professionals in managing and growing the company’s housing equity portfolio, which currently totals over $13 billion and 167 properties across a range of funds and accounts on behalf of various clients. He is a member of the Global Executive Leadership Team and Americas Investment Committee.

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  • The pipeline of transaction activity is opening back up. There’s a significant amount of capital. Some of it is still on the sidelines, but a lot of it is back in the market, and it’s very competitive. In some markets, values are at pre-COVID-19 values. In some markets, we’re seeing a slight reduction, but those reductions are generally in that sort of 2 percent to 4 percent range.

    25 November 2021
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