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CEO & Founder at Sweeten
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Jean Brownhill is a trained architect with years of high-end residential and commercial renovation experience. After earning an Architecture degree at The Cooper Union, Jean spent a decade working in architecture and construction. Her own challenging renovation inspired her to transform the opaque construction industry and create the first modern renovation experience that is transparent, efficient and personal.

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  • There will be an increase in home offices—homeowners are trading kitchen counters for more professional dedicated spaces. The Zoom fatigue is real, but so is the realization that the backdrop for those visual calls needs to step up.

    28 March 2022
  • Be sure to take care of what is unseen—electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, heating and cooling ducts, as well as insulation. These basic mechanicals represent to a potential buyer the value of a house that is running efficiently and safely.

    28 March 2022
  • Contracts now include clauses for price adjustments. So as not to be blindsided by pricing trends that trigger higher costs, homeowners can track commodity prices at industry sites, and visit manufacturers’ product catalogs to see when items might be available.

    2 December 2021
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