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In the over 30 years of working in Washington, DC, Jean has compiled experience in every aspect of a strategic marketing campaign. Once noted by the Wall Street Journal as the “Image Expert” behind many of America’s most successful marketing campaigns, Jean has managed and led more than 10 industry and non-profit campaigns ranging from the American Heart Association’s advocacy campaign and Robert Wood Johnson’s Covering Kids effort to the American Petroleum Institute’s educational advocacy campaign and Mastercard’s community empowerment program Master Your Card.

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  • Our URL is on the ticket, and we have an exhibit near the merch table. Fans often have hours to kill before the show. We have games like a spinning wheel for Rolling Stones trivia, to draw people in. We have co-branded merch. We have advisors available, but we are not selling annuities, we are selling education. We were acutely concerned about interrupting the experience, but it went the other way. The audience is the perfect demo, as they are interested. We don’t ask that people do anything at the show, but we encourage them to go to the site when ready. More people are turning 65 than ever before, it is the 401k generation. The point is more people these days are not retiring…like the Stones!

    1 November 2021