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As a life coach and marketing expert, Jeanne collaborates with clients to break through their success blocks, clarify their ideal life or business, and inspire them to action. She does this through her "Dream It and Do It!™ dialogues, where she leverages her communications expertise, strengths assessments and Law of Attraction processes to help clients rebrand, reveal self-limiting beliefs and realize their dreams. As The Soul Mate Coach, Jeanne helps people attract and maintain their ideal soul mate relationships and career.

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  • Well, I went on one of the largest, most reputable dating websites in the world, I was very clear about what I had to offer and I what I wanted to receive. I painted a picture of what life would be like with me and used humour. Being vague and non-committal isn’t helpful. Being brave and very specific is helpful.

    10 July 2021
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    10 July 2021
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