Jeannine K. Brown

Managing Director, Executive Coach, DEI Expert at Everyday Lead
On the record

Jeannine K. Brown is the owner of Everyday Lead and author of the upcoming book "Unstuck & Unstoppable: Six Proven Strategies to Leverage Your Value, Increase Your Visibility and Gain Recognition to Accelerate Your Career." Jeannine is an executive coach, author, and speaker who has worked with numerous companies, executives, employees, and entrepreneurs. She has coached them on holding space for marginalized communities in the workplace and making their company culture more inclusive. Her work is also centered around elevating women in the workplace.

She would make a great source for articles/ content about the following topics:

- Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
- Retention and Talent Management
- Women in the Workplace
- Well-being in the Workplace
- Organizational Leadership
- Executive Coaching

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