Jeff Burrow

Founder, Lead Advisor at Sierra Ocean
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Jeff Burrow, founder of Sierra Ocean, focuses on the wealth management needs of clients all across the
country. A large portion of his clients are business owners as he is. He improves the lives of
entrepreneurial families by working with them on investment policy, retirement planning, alternative
investments, tax strategizing and estate planning.

He began his career after being exposed to it at a young age. Jeff had the unfortunate experience of
having his father pass away when he was just 16 years old. As a bright student who had already
begun to develop an interest in business and finance, he accompanied his young, newly widowed
mother to meet with financial advisors and navigate the often murky waters of receiving good
financial advice. Little did they know that the “advisors” they spoke to were all salespeople selling
products. His mother never received good advice on what steps to take to become financially strong.

After Jeff graduated magna cum laude from UC Santa Barbara, he set his sights on a career in
financial planning and advice. He knew that people wanted to develop relationships with advisors
they could trust, who spoke like real people (not over people’s heads), and were knowledgeable
enough to give them an edge in their family’s personal finances.

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