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VP of Strategy and Marketing at Comm100
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Career B2B marketer focused on one metric: driving impact. Simply put: If your content doesn't generate awareness, inspire action or help the sales team close deals, it isn't worth creating. From the top of the funnel through to the case study, from SEM to PR to outbound lead generation, it all comes down to the story you're telling, and how it's different and resonant.

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  • The integration between Comm100 and Cisco is a considerable step towards helping call centers, especially in the telephony field, engage with their customers where they expect them to. Coupling unified communication solutions with seamless integration for agents provides call centers with the digital transformation needed to be the best resource for their customers.

    15 April 2021
  • No matter the size of the business, adapting to the digital needs of consumers is necessary to remain competitive in a noisy online environment. By providing users with an upgraded WordPress plug-in, we are further enabling businesses to meet their customers where they expect through an efficient and cost-effective solution.

    15 April 2021
  • Today's consumers demand instant gratification and want quick answers to their questions. They don't want to wait on the phone, and they have lots of other things to do in their day. Live chat lets them ask questions and multitask, without wait.

    15 April 2021
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    VP of Strategy and Marketing