Jeff Fenster

CEO at Everbowl
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Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer at Everbowl. Jeff is focused on disruptive start-ups with vertical integration and revenue-driving innovation while cultivating and empowering top-tier leadership teams to foster the growth of successful brands. As an inspiring mentor and team-builder, he is dedicated to fostering a strong company culture where the motto is “make friends and have fun.” He is also a proactive community advocate, generously contributing time and funds to his neighbors and everbowl customers.

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  • We've concluded that running the business exclusively on cash isn't the most advantageous, nor the safest, method of running a business in 2022 and beyond. Also, I understand that it is still early in terms of corporate adoption, as well as governmental adoption of Bitcoin, but we plan to make a contribution to this cause by leading with our example. A disruptive growth company should always position itself ahead of the pack and take the lead by adopting new technologies early rather than late. We believe it's a matter of "when," not "if," that Bitcoin Standard will become the Gold Standard.

    18 March 2022
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