Jeff Klotz

CEO at The Klotz Group of Companies
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Jeff Klotz is the CEO at The Klotz Group of Companies. Originally bought in 1995 as NPI services then later transformed into The Klotz Group of Companies, the company’s investments have included over 125,000 apartment units, 43 ground-up developments and numerous other projects in e-commerce, healthcare, printing, manufacturing, and marketing.

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  • The iconic Morocco Shrine Center is not just a great property in a great location, it is one that has impacted the lives of so many over the years by serving as Jacksonville’s de facto convention center. The uniquely programed mix of residential, hospitality and commercial is meant to accentuate year-round enjoyment of the great North Florida climate and a love for all things arts, culture, and community.

    14 November 2021
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