Jeff Ostermann

Chief People Officer & Senior Vice President at Sweetwater
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Jeff Ostermann is responsible for providing leadership to Sweetwater's Human Resources group while also continually developing new ways for the company to invest in the growth of its team members to further its unique and industry-leading culture. He is a multi-disciplinary executive leader with high-level experience across strategy, management, acquisitions and team & people development.

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  • In moments of crisis, I believe that those organizations that had already implemented a proactive approach to caring for employees found themselves better situated than most to weather the storm. I've told our team repeatedly that who our HR group is today will determine what our company is, not just tomorrow but three, five, and 10 years from now.

    28 September 2021
  • We’ve continued to experience tremendous growth, and this has fueled our need for talent at every level. We have fortunately not experienced the hiring challenges that have certainly impacted many other businesses and industries.

    28 September 2021
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    Chief People Officer & Senior Vice President