Jen Gottlieb and Chris Winfield

Cofounder, CEO at Super Connector Media
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Jen Gottlieb is a Cofounder at Super Connector Media. Jen uses her decade of performance and mindset experience to help entrepreneurs connect with the media so they can share their knowledge with the masses. She combines her passion for giving back with her mindset coaching to help industry leaders gain the confidence and knowledge to get into the mainstream media, or on the stage of that major event — giving them the authority and social proof to place them at the top of their industry.

Chris Winfield is a Cofounder and the CEO Super Connector Media. In July of 2017, Chris created Unfair Advantage Live, the world's premier publicity event connecting entrepreneurs to the media and the Unfair Advantage Accelerator program, supporting entrepreneurs through publicity and marketing into the next level of their businesses. He gives entrepreneurs an “unfair advantage” when it comes to getting more publicity, making connections and growing their companies.