Jen Jones

Chief Marketing Officer at commercetools
On the record

Jen Jones is the Chief Marketing Officer for commercetools, a leading digital commerce platform behind some of the largest and most innovative global brands. She oversees commercetools’ global brand, marketing and corporate communications efforts, including brand strategy and design, customer marketing, demand generation, product marketing, marketing analytics and operations.

Prior to joining commercetools in 2022, Jen was the CMO at Dataminr where she led the company’s global brand, marketing and corporate communications efforts. She previously served as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Cision, and Oracle’s Director of Industry Product Marketing for both the Marketing Cloud group and the CX Applications group.

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  • The metaverse is all about how you define it. As fashion brands seek to experiment in this space, they must first figure out what it means to their customers and how it fits into their overall brand strategy.

    If the brand’s customers have no interest whatsoever in the metaverse, then it’s probably not a good idea to invest time and resources into activating here, but if it is something that the brand’s customers are interested in, then why not try it out?

    The metaverse is very low risk now, and who knows how popular it will be in the future, so why not see if this is something your customers end up enjoying?

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