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Jennifer is a licensed clinical social worker and certified professional coach with a warm, engaging and direct approach. She sees clients face-to-face and also online. She provides psychotherapy, life, relationship and business coaching. Jennifer is a social worker, author, entrepreneur, life coach and mom of 7 year old twins. She will help you find your path and stay on it as you desire.

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  • If these individual issues are worked through and addressed, then cheating may not happen again. I do not believe there is one type of personality that leads one to become a repeat offender. When the thrill in couple-hood takes a back seat to the more mundane daily tasks of life, affairs can provide the self-esteem boost and thrill that is lost. But if that magic is recreated within the relationship, then many don’t cheat again.

    7 May 2021
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    7 May 2021
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    Mental Health Expert, Therapist & Licensed Social Worker