Jennifer Rubin

Partner and Member of Employment, Labor and Benefits Section at Mintz
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Jen draws on over 30 years of experience crafting legal solutions to employment challenges. Her clients include large and small businesses and executives. She advises technology, financial services, publishing, retail, professional services, and health care companies seeking regulatory, litigation, and compliance advice.

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  • CDC’s latest guidance is further proof that resilient workplaces and workplace policies are founded in both flexibility and consistency. While the changing nature of this pandemic continues to make future-proofing the workplace difficult, we believe a mindful approach is the best inoculation against a chaotic return to the workplace.

    30 November 2021
  • The data show that the more diversity on a corporate board the better the company performs for shareholders. It’s proven true. Better decisions are made, there is a better return on investment for investors. It’s better all around.

    24 January 2021
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    Partner and Member of Employment, Labor and Benefits Section