Jennifer Whetzel

CEO at Women in Cannabis Study, LLC
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After 25+ years in marketing and advertising, and after finding symptom relief in medical cannabis and emotional support from community members, Jennifer was inspired to use her expertise to help businesses in the cannabis industry. 

In 2018, she founded Ladyjane Branding using the power of Archetypes to help companies develop unique brands that lead to deep connections with consumers.

In 2019, Jennifer initiated “The Women in Cannabis Study,” an in-depth multimedia research project to understand the journey of women working in the cannabis industry. Results of the study will be forthcoming in a partnership with Hasty Storytelling and the basis of a book written by award-winning author of The Medicalization of Marijuana, Michelle Newhart.

In 2020, she co-founded Independent Diamond Brokers, to focus on B2B networking local Maine growers & retailers.

Jennifer is also on the Board of Directors for #thisisjaneproject, a non-profit focused on providing education and access to plant medicine for trauma survivors.

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