Jenny-Claire Ganasi

Chief Executive Officer at Selten Metal Corp.
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Jenny-Clare is the dynamic CEO of Selten Metal Corp. with 15+ years of experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and a record of success working within public companies. Her mission at Selten Metal is to become a major U.S. supplier of rare earth elements to bolster stronger geopolitical stability and the new Climate Economy.

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  • “It’s about forward thinking exploration to mitigate environmental and economic risks. Selten’s geological team has over 100 years of combined rare earth exploration and project development experience to successfully achieve our goals.”

    21 July 2022
  • “The merits of the project and its ideal location has us excited to continue working to fully unlock THOR’s significant potential. Selten Metal is comprised of a growing team of rare earth geological experts, and other industry professionals.”

    21 July 2022
  • “At the moment, China dominates 90% of the world’s production of rare earth elements. This puts western economies at a disadvantage. Selten Metal’s THOR project in Nevada has the potential to secure an integral supply of rare earth elements for the US, extending to global markets.”

    29 April 2022
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