Jeremy Witten

Executive VP of Engineering at Blockware Mining
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Jeremy is the Executive Vice President of Engineering at Blockware Mining. He will oversee the development and rollout of Blockware Mining’s new mining facilities, focusing on energy efficiency, utility rate negotiation, system process evaluation, cryptocurrency data center design, and lean manufacturing. He has 15 years of experience building and managing industrial operations, including maintenance, electrical, engineering, environmental compliance, and construction as well as experience conceptualizing and building cryptocurrency data centers. Jeremy previously served as vice president of engineering services at Navier Inc., a leading consultancy firm providing innovative solutions for mining digital currency.

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  • After joining with Navier, the discussion with Blockware started moving and heated up, to the sense it just made sense (to build here). That’s kind of the genesis of it. Not all mining companies have a commitment to building the best possible operating environment at their facilities. Blockware Mining has taken a serious, engineering-based approach to facility development and are ensuring that facility architecture and design decisions are driven by the goal of ensuring the best return on investment.

    11 April 2022
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    11 April 2022
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