Jerrod Sessler

Founder & CEO at HomeTask
On the record

Immediately following high school and before attending college to earn an engineering degree, Jerrod Sessler served as a petty-officer in the US Navy where he learned to put country and neighbor first. Ten years later, Jerrod faced a battle of another kind when he was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Given a five percent chance to live, Jerrod beat the odds and has been healthy ever since. Jerrod credits his miraculous recovery to the grace of God, the love and support of his wife and family, and to the power of eating his greens.

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  • As patriotic Americans, we find ourselves at the whim of a small but radical faction that seeks to control us, cancel us and belittle our traditional values. We need even more of the bold leadership we have seen in recent years to oppose the radical leftist agenda that is determined to destroy America.

    12 August 2021