Jessica Cannella, Co-Founder and President

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As the Co-Founder and President of Oak Harvest Financial Group, Jessica’s mission is clear. Educate, inspire, and financially prepare couples and individuals to enjoy a fearless and fulfilling retirement. With almost two decades of experience in retirement planning, Jessica’s objective is to alleviate the stress around investment management and financial planning,

Jessica engages all levels of financial savvy, from the novice to the expert. She believes that clarity begets confidence. She has worked with hundreds of families to cultivate a retirement vision and connect their unique vision to their customized financial plan. “No two plans are identical. A financial plan is a starting point, a path to start down. However, life can throw curve balls. Therefore, every plan we put together needs flexibility. Communication and mutual understanding are the corner stones of bringing your retirement vision to reality. Think of my team and I as the bumpers at a bowling alley; think of yourself as the bowling ball. Our purpose is to keep you out of the gutter and hitting strikes in retirement.

Jessica is the Founder of the Go-Go Sisterhood™, a social club for women in retirement. From the retired CEO to the retired homemaker. The Go-Go Sisterhood™ serves to connect women to their money, with each other and to their community, through meaningful shared experiences. The Go-Go Sisterhood invites professionals from all industries to host educational, value-driven workshops on topics ranging from financial to legal, beauty to fitness and beyond. Charitable events and volunteer opportunities hosted by the Go-Go Sisterhood™ facilitate local community impact. “I’ve seen so many meaningful connections made in our Go-Go sisterhood, and connection is vital. As women, we can spread ourselves so thin! In our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, it is common for women to prioritize raising our babies, supporting our spouses, and tending to the demands of our homes and careers. Which leaves little time to invest in our friendships, our passions and self-care, let alone our financial savvy! I founded the Go-Go sisterhood on the principle that women deserve to enjoy a financially fearless and fulfilling retirement with great purpose and in good company!”

At home, you will find Jessica spending quality time with her partner Edward, and their seven-month-old son, Sebastian. “He is the light of our lives” says Jessica.

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