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Jessica Williamson is a serial entrepreneur and a certified, award-winning mindset and business coach, located in Perth, Australia. Within the last 5 years, Jessica has built a successful portfolio of four different businesses across various industries and now coaches female entrepreneurs to reach their goals both professionally and personally.

Hailing from a background in digital marketing and advertising, with no formal training in fashion, at just 22-years old, Jess launched her first business in 2016, Ete Swimwear, with $0 (ZERO). Upon launching, Ete Swimwear received almost instantaneous success, thanks to the opportunity to make its first fashion week debut at New York Fashion Week in September 2016. In just her first year in business, she made over $300kAU in a highly competitive industry and built a following of over 54,000 followers on Instagram.

Since then, whilst growing her businesses, Jessica has become a role model for other business owners in the e-commerce industry. This has allowed Jessica to help other business owners who are looking to grow and scale their businesses online. Over the last two years, Jessica has been running Ete Swimwear and has sold two businesses successfully but has made it her core focus to continue helping women in business.

Preaching to female entrepreneurs to unleash their potential and believe that anything is truly possible; she has found her true passion in her work as a business coach.

Over the last five years, Jessica has been able to transform her life from being overworked, burnt-out, and working full-time whilst running her businesses on the side, to now achieving a successful work-life balance. Her mission is to help other female entrepreneurs to unleash their potential so they reach their goals to live their dream life.

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  • Instagram has played a prominent role in the success of my businesses, but most importantly, as an introvert, it also provided me with a way to connect with others in business and build relationships. Often, via connecting with other business owners, it has led to some incredible organic opportunities, such as speaking at events, partnerships and even working together to support each other in our businesses. Primarily, as a business coach, I have found Instagram been the easiest and cost-effective way to connect with my ideal audience, talk to them directly and really understand their needs, wants and fears.

    Since Instagram is all about content, I've used it as an educational platform to provide my audience with free, informative information that gets them to trust me and then hopefully work with me. Instead of writing long blogs on my website that may not get much traction, I can talk directly to my audience by sharing reels, IGTVs and stories, that come directly from my mouth which helps align me as an expert in their eyes. I've also used it as a platform to be vulnerable. This has helped me really connect with my followers to let them know that I am a human, I've struggled in business, but here is what I've learnt, so they too can learn from my lessons.

    12 May 2021