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Jim Matney is GDIT’s Vice President and General Manager for Defense Information Systems Agency DISA and Enterprise Services Sector. Jim has over 35 years working in the military and federal government contracting industry in a variety of senior leadership positions.

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  • “In our case being inside the DoD Information Network (DoDIN) and being inside the DISA ecosystem, all of that hardware infrastructure, the underlying architecture is supported by MilCloud already. That’s why there aren’t transaction fees and bandwidth fees associated with this platform,” Matney said during Federal News Network’s DoD Cloud Exchange. “When we look at being inside the DoDIN from a flexibility and affordability cost, it’s a tremendous benefit. Security is a second benefit from being inside the DoDIN. We benefit from the physical security associated with being inside DISA. We have a dedicated internal cloud access point, that’s between the DISA system and our cloud because we are a commercial cloud that’s just sitting inside their facilities. So we have a dedicated line so you don’t have the potential choke points or have to leave the DoDIN to get access to your data. Everything is staying inside the DoDIN infrastructure. That provides that additional level of security that’s above and beyond.”

    24 March 2022
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