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Jody Sharpe had a rewarding career as a Special Education teacher. Writing about angels became healing after losing her daughter and then her husband. The valuable lessons she learned about moving forward and loving life in the now have set her on a mission to tell the stories with love, humor and spiritual awakening. The fictitious town of Mystic Bay has given her an avenue to put characters and themes together hopefully enlightening the reader towards contemplation of the precious life and memories we are given.

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  • There are so many stories from my students that made me realize there was so much going on in their thought processes then anyone thought.

    My students with special needs picked up the sincerity of my intentions to help them vocationally. Intuitively, these students always know who likes them.

    With hearts of angels and challenges to face, the children took me along their journeys and inspired my own life’s journey of self-discovery. When sorrow came, their kindness helped me through.

    It was my calling to be a special education teacher. And when I receive comments about me being so patient, well, I know that for me teaching had nothing to do with patience. My career was a love story and I was needed or so I thought for many years. I realize now it was I who needed my students. They gave me purpose, lessons on life, forgiveness. and hard work in the face of their challenges.The special needs children I taught gave me hope in humanity. They were my teachers sent from God, my angels unaware.

    22 January 2021
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