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  • Community institutions have been a pillar of support and strength over the past two years, and those that want to maintain and build that momentum must look to modern, innovative technology to help transform lending. Customers expect their banking providers to provide the quick, digital conveniences they crave while still personalizing the experience which just isn’t possible without technology. In 2022, we expect digitization across commercial lending to be a top priority, allowing bankers to take a high tech, high touch approach that builds stronger, more impactful relationships with borrowers and helps local businesses thrive.

    1 December 2021
  • The pandemic brought significant challenges to us all in 2020; I’m proud of how Teslar Software responded to help community banks manage the complicated relief processes and support small business in their communities. Our accomplishments were made possible by the talented, hard working group of individuals on our team. Community banks are known to provide exceptional customer service regardless of their circumstances and we’ve made it our responsibility at Teslar Software to empower these banks with the technology to succeed in this mission. We look forward to keeping up our significant momentum in 2021 and beyond.

    6 February 2021