Joe Ferrazza

Director of North America Channel Relations at MDRT
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I’m no stranger to working with all-stars. From my early marketing career with the Chicago Bears and Walter Payton, I’ve been fortunate to gain inspiration from the greats. After nearly 20 years in the financial services profession, including a decade as an independent agent, I’m thrilled to find my home among the best in the business at MDRT.

It was MDRT’s Whole Person concept that attracted me to the profession years ago, and through its principles I built a successful career in financial services alongside a fulfilling personal life as a husband, father of three, musician and youth sports coach. Now that I have an inside view from MDRT Headquarters, I know that it is so much more than the Whole Person concept – it’s the accelerant that pushes financial services professionals to new levels of peak performance. I’m privileged to surround myself daily with the kind of professionals who never settle for “making it,” but rather those who always ask, “What’s next?”

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  • It was MDRT’s Whole Person Concept that initially drew me to the profession, and it continues to motivate me personally and professionally. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to learn firsthand the wealth of value MDRT offers its members and the profession. Even better, I get to share this value with other financial services professionals, and inspire them to continue aiming for top-tier service and success.

    17 November 2021
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    Director of North America Channel Relations