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Joel has over 20 years of experience in the consulting field and has held positions in prestigious firms such as Arthur Andersen and Cap Gemini. Joel was also a founder of Lucidity Consulting Group, an Oracle consulting and implementation firm that is also in the Dallas, TX area. Joel has a degree in Business Administration from Baylor University.

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  • Every time we talked to somebody about it, or shown them trailers of it, most people were like, Wow, I had no idea, I’ve got 10 of these things sitting in my drawer at home. It was a long process to get to this point. It was worth it to help inform more people about what they can do with their items to benefit the planet. You take an iPhone, maybe you do want a new one every year, but you take that phone and somebody else can maybe get four, five years of life out of it.

    11 April 2021
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