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Joel Trammell is the founder and CEO of Khorus Systems, a business management system that empowers CEOs to lead high-performance organizations, as well as the owner of Texas CEO Magazine, which reaches more than 10,000 CEOs across the state. A successful entrepreneur and CEO with 30 years of experience, Trammell is a pioneer in the field of CEO education.

After decades as a CEO (a field in which the average shelf life is only 5 years), Trammell identified a pervasive problem: many of his fellow business leaders seriously lacked the fundamental tools and education to make their companies truly great. He launched The American CEO to provide the support and guidance his peers were lacking, and he also wrote a book titled The CEO Tightrope (Greenleaf Book Group, 2014), a comprehensive guide featuring proven techniques and approaches for overcoming the unique challenges of being a CEO.

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