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Co-Founder and CEO at AEGIS
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  • Entos Pharmaceuticals developed the Fusogenix technology over the past decade, and has broadened Fusogenix’ adoption through multiple spinouts and partnerships. When COVID-19 hit, we realized that the technology is ideally suited to deliver DNA vaccines and therapeutics. We decided to spin out Aegis Life to focus on infectious diseases to leverage the Fusogenix technology, as we have done before for other diseases such as cancer.

    We believe DNA vaccines have important inherent advantages over other approaches, including the potential to develop a single dose vaccine that induces a potent T cell response and therefore enhanced durability. Our SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate is the first known one to successfully target both the S and N protein intracellularly. Based on the preclinical in vivo safety and efficacy data to date, we believe that our Fusogenix-encapsulated DNA vaccine candidates have the potential to confer durable protection against SARS-CoV-2 as well as future threats from new coronaviruses. We anticipate that our lead candidate will enter Phase I clinical trial this Fall.

    19 October 2020
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    19 October 2020
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    Co-Founder and CEO