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Chief Investment Officer at Comerica Bank
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John Lynch is Chief Investment Officer for Comerica Wealth Management and is responsible for investment strategy, asset allocation and portfolio management. He is also the chair of the Wealth Management Investment Policy Committee. John was most recently with LPL Financial, where he served as Chief Investment Strategist and was responsible for investment strategy, economic analysis and portfolio management for the largest independent broker dealer in the U.S.

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  • I've been wracking my brain over this, but if copper is outperforming gold, that is global investors saying they believe the reflation trade more than they want to be parked in the safe-haven of gold.

    30 September 2021
  • On the junk side, small-caps RUT got whacked also, and they tend to trade pretty tightly together. When I do look at high-yield and investment-grade spreads relative to Treasurys, what I don’t see is credit stress. I’d be more worried if spreads were blowing out and Treasurys were tanking, but that is not the case.

    30 September 2021
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