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CMO and Chairman at RxAdvance and 10 other companies
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A marketing expert, John Sculley is one of America’s best-known business leaders. Few entrepreneurs have been as successful across so many fields as Sculley. Prominently known for his days as CEO of Pepsi where he was responsible for the creation of the two liter bottle and the Pepsi Challenge, John also was CEO of Apple for more than ten years and was responsible for growing the company over 1000 percent. During his tenure the Mac became the largest selling hardware in the world. John is a frequent guest on business television shows around the world and a keynote speaker at many high profile events. He has received 10 honorary PhD degrees, studied at Brown University, RISD, and holds a Wharton MBA. John is managing partner of Sculley Family Office with his wife Diane Sculley and they reside in Palm Beach, Florida

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  • The transformative opportunity here is all about the reimbursement shift from fee-for-service to the accountable care model, with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services the major driver behind it. And as we know there are hundreds of accountable care organizations out there, some operating under one definition and some under others. This is an evolving thing.

  • We’re in a new world where things move in exponential time, and technology makes it possible. There has never been a better time to do things entrepreneurially.

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